About MYPRINCESS personal alarm sound decibels

About MYPRINCESS personal alarm sound decibels

Here, we need to understand a basic concept: decibel – sound pressure level of the size of the unit (symbol: db), sound pressure for each doubling, the sound pressure level increased by 6 decibels.

1 decibel is the sound that human ears can just hear; generally speaking, 15 decibels or less we can consider it to be “silent”; and 20 decibels or less we consider it to be quiet.

20-40 decibels is about the murmur of a couple’s ear. Normal environmental noise intensity in 30-40dB, relatively quiet and comfortable; 40-60 decibels belong to our normal conversation sound, when more than 50dB (45dB at night) may affect sleep and rest, so that the normal physiological function is affected to a certain extent.

Above 60 dB is a noisy range, 70 dB we can consider it very noisy, interfering with normal conversation and communication, making people feel distracted and unfocused, and begin to damage the hearing nerve.

Above 90 decibels (the upper limit of the national noise tolerance) will cause hearing damage and lead to other diseases, and stay in the space of 100-120 decibels, if there is no accident, one minute humans will have to be temporarily deaf (deafening).

120 decibels: the maximum volume of headphones.

In general, the human body can withstand the volume of 80 decibels or less. If you live in an environment above 80 decibels for a long time, you will have headaches, memory loss, and even insomnia; 85 decibels: will cause hearing damage. When the human ear hears the volume of 100 decibels, a longer period of time will cause irrecoverable hearing damage; prolonged stimulation by the volume of 120 decibels or more, the auditory cells will be permanently damaged, and serious cases will cause hearing loss.

So in daily life, how do we rely on the scene to determine the level of decibels? Here is a table of decibel analogies for your reference.


10 decibels: a very quiet room

13 decibels: the buzzing of a light bulb
15 decibels: the sound of a pin falling from a height of 1 cm from 1 meter away
20 decibels: a night in the countryside

30 dB: desert night; quiet conversation
40-60 decibels: the sound of a normal conversation
50-53 decibels: the sound of a washing machine at work
60-80 db: cars passing 10 meters away

70 decibels: vacuum cleaner from 10 feet (about 3 meters) away; maximum noise that humans can tolerate (without hearing loss, sleep disorders, anxiety, learning disabilities, etc.) as determined by the EPA; downtown; background noise from subways and buses
85 decibels: can cause hearing damage
90 decibels: passing buses or trucks from 10 feet (about 3 meters) away; food mixers; noisy bars
100 decibels: the maximum volume of general household audio equipment, the sound of pneumatic drills
104-107 dB: tractor running; sound that starts to cause pain, unbearable (at 2750 Hz)

110 decibels: sound of chainsaw; sound of burning 1000 firecrackers
110-140 decibels: 100 meters away from the jet engine (100-120 decibels in the space, if there is no accident, one minute)

(100-120 decibels in the space, if no accident, a human will have to temporary deafness or even permanent, hearing may also be permanently reduced)

120 decibels: the maximum volume of headphones
130 decibels or more: can cause eardrum rupture, deafness
140 decibels: even if the sound time is very short, it can cause hearing damage
168 decibels: M1 Garand rifle fire at 1 meter away

175.8 decibels: 250 feet (about 75 meters) away from the explosion of 1 ton of TNT

MYPRINCESS personal alarm sound are around 120-130 decibels, only when you are in danger, you can use, do not easily press the switch. Because the sound is very loud.


ここでは、基本的な概念を理解する必要があります:デシベル – 音圧レベルの単位(記号:db)、音圧の倍になるごとに、音圧レベルは6デシベル増加します。


20~40デシベルは、夫婦の耳のつぶやき程度です。 通常の周囲の騒音強度は、比較的静かで快適な30〜40デシベルであり、40〜60デシベルは、私たちの通常の会話音に属し、50デシベル以上(夜間は45デシベル)は、睡眠や休息に影響を与える可能性がありますので、正常な生理機能がある程度影響を受けることがあります。




一般的に、人体が許容できる音量は80デシベル以下とされています。 80デシベル以上の環境で長時間生活すると、頭痛や記憶力の低下、不眠症などの症状が出てきます。 人間の耳が100デシベルの音量を聞くと、それ以上の時間が続くと回復不可能な聴力障害を起こし、120デシベル以上の音量で長時間刺激を受けると、聴覚細胞が永久的に損傷を受け、重度の場合は難聴に陥ります。

では、日常生活の中でデシベルのレベルを判断するためには、自分がいるシーンをどのように頼りにすればいいのでしょうか。 参考までにデシベルの類推表を以下に添付します。




30 dB: 砂漠の夜、静かな会話

90 dB: 10フィート(約3メートル)離れた場所からのバスやトラックの通行、フードミキサー、騒がしいバー
104-107 db: トラクターの走行;痛みを感じ始める音、耐え難い音(2750 Hzで





MYPRINCESSのパーソナルアラームはどれも120~130デシベル程度で、危険が迫っていて安易にスイッチを押さない場合にのみ使用するようにしましょう。 音が大きいから。ZIQING 防犯ブザー




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