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Customer support is a set of services provided to you to help our customers get the most out of our products and solve their problems. Customer support includes assistance such as answering customer questions, troubleshooting, and upgrading customers to new products or services. This service is available 24/7 and can be contacted by email or phone at any time.

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When we receive a request from a customer, we will offer different solutions and prices according to the customer’s requirements.Generally, we will receive your inquiry and respond within 8 hours.Please describe your needs as best you can. This will allow us to quote you faster.If you can’t describe it clearly, we’ll also suggest a solution for you.

Product Ordering

When a customer needs to order our products. We can provide our customers with different delivery methods. When a customer needs to order a product in bulk, we will deliver the product according to the customer’s order requirements and production schedule.Different spcifictions brings different prices. We offer different discounts according to customer needs.

Brand Licensing

We have applied for many brands and patents, and if you like our brand, you can also get brand support through our licensing. If you like our brand, you can also get brand support through our licensing, including perfect after-sales service and support. We welcome you to become our agent.

About Shipping

When the product is to be delivered, we will arrange shipping according to the customer’s requirements. For example, customs clearance, customs brokerage, and other services. The costs incurred will be determined according to the price terms on the commercial invoice. The usual shipping methods are international express, air, sea, and customer-specified shipping.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

When you need to apply for a patent or trademark for your product, we can help you. We will assist you with patent applications, trademark registration, patent enforcement, and other services.The protection of our clients’ intellectual property rights is also an important rule in our company.

Agent Procurement

We have an extensive supply chain, so when you need to source a product and can’t find it, you can try leaving it to us. We will give you the name of the supplier, and you can communicate with him directly or we can communicate with him, but we will charge you an agency fee of 5%-15% of each order. We can also pay for the goods and inspect them for you. Please be assured that we have a dedicated team to do this work.

The question you may ask

About MYPRINCESS personal alarm sound decibels

Here, we need to understand a basic concept: decibel – sound pressure level of the size of the unit (symbol: db), sound pressure for each doubling, the sound pressure level increased by 6 decibels. 1 decibel is the sound that human ears can just hear; generally speaking, 15 decibels or less we can consider it […]

Safety Tips For Women: Here is How You Can Protect Yourself in Every Situation

AT HOME   – Look for potential weak points in your home security. All doors should be fitted with security gates, and windows should be secured with burglar bars.   – Ensure you have the best perimeter protection you can afford, such as high walling and electric fencing. Security systems such as beams and alarm […]

Every day, you hear all kinds of crime news on TV

Every day, you hear all kinds of crime news on TV… In today’s society, unpredictable crimes happen from time to time. The feeling of worrying whether your family will be involved in an incident exists in one way or another. MYPRINCESS personal alarms can help by gaining the attention of outsiders for use in emergency […]

Personal Alarm Creative Design

Original design is the mission of a product, and we insist on original design to make the product stand out in the competition. Enhance the value for our customers.

Alarm Family

We have designed more than twenty individual alarms, forming a family of alarms. The design is innovative and portable. It can help you when you need it. Whether it's for girls, the elderly, students, or adults, there's one for you. Carry it with you to ensure your safety in every possible way. As a member [...]

5 reasons for having a personal alarm

Personal alarms are generally geared toward the elderly and infirm, but they are also useful for those with long-term health problems or disabilities. Anyone who lives alone can also consider getting an alarm. you can find help quickly The main benefit of having a personal alarm is that you will be able to get help [...]

How to use personal alarm?

Quite easy to use. Just pull the hand strap to activate the excruciating alarm sound which will startle the attacker. Giving you enough time to run and attract attention to yourself. Emergency Led Flashlight: Along with the loud siren on each safe sound alarm, comes a built in led light.   Different products are designed for different functions, please check the [...]

What should a personal alarm be used for?

What should a personal alarm be used for? The purpose of a personal alarm: The purpose of a personal safety alarm is to shock and disorientate an attacker, giving you vital seconds to get away. Are personal alarms a good idea? Are self defense alarms effective? Personal alarms emit a blaring noise that will only [...]

How to buy alarm?

You can order directly from us. We sell products on Amazon, but not on all of our sites. For regular alarms, we usually have them in stock, but for unconventional items, they take time to produce. For those that require custom service, we will let you know the exact delivery time. Please send us an […]

How many styles of personal alarms are available?

We have a wide range of models with different operating environments to suit the needs of different users. Currently we can offer more than 20 personal alarms. There are waterproof ones, USB charging ones, TYPE-C charging ones, wireless charging ones, watch type ones, location ones, battery replaceable ones, and I can also customize them according [...]